10 09 14

An hour of underground music and arts with special guest Jo Brook (Bad Timing) discussing the Hidden Channels event at Cambridge’s Museum of Technology.

Oozing Wound - Colonel’s Kernal (Thrill Jockey)
Jo Johnson - In The Shadow of the Workhouse (Further Records)
CHXFX - A12 (Polytechnic Youth)
Chris Herbert - Cinders (Room 40)
Bing & Ruth - Police Police Police Police Police (RVNG Intl)

27 09 14

A special edition of The Visitor with Toby Miller from Cambridge 105’s Bums on Seats who takes us on an underground tour of the Cambridge Film Festival which runs from the 28th August to 7th September.

The Numbers Ones - I Wish I Was Lonely (Deranged)
Mono/Poly - Ra Rise (Brainfeeder)
Charlatan - Lonely City (Umor-Rex)

Cambridge Film Festival - underground selection (Toby Miller)

Jenny Hval & Susanna - Black Lake (SusannaSonata)
Adult Jazz - Idiot Mantra (Spare Thought)

MicroCinema at the Cambridge Film Festival (Toby Miller)

Alessandro Cortini - Passatempo (Hospital Productions)
Craig Leon - Nommo (RVNG Intl)

30 07 14

Before a brief Summer break, another hour of underground music.

Green Linez - Grafton Centre
Suicideyear - I Don’t Care About Death Because I Smoke
Lee Gamble - Jove Layup
Loscil - Fury
Fieldhead - Hecla
Summer Night Air - 4.3
Biographs - I Won’t Ever Do Anything; I Feel Safe Here
Memory Drawings - There Is A World Without You
Mamer - Eagle

16 07 14

Another hour of music outside the norm.

Bronze Teeth - Glass Tooth
Black Hat - Dream Interlock VI
M. Sage - Across Cross Country
Robert Curgenven - Cornubia
Delphine Dora & Bruno Duplant - Le Voile Imperceptible de la pluie engourdie
Smoke Dawson - The Minotaur
Dragon Turtle - Narwhal
Savaging Spires - We Could Be Dead Together
A Winged Victory for the Sullen - VII
Near The Parenthesis - Virga

02 07 14

An hour of underground sounds.

Alur Horns - Rec. in Uganda by David Fanshawe
Cagey House - Never Work With The Sun
Noveller & Thisquietarmy - Reverie I
Lawrence English - Graceless Hunter
Good Willsmith - Taking Too Long To Text
Kevin Verwijmeren - Abstract Point Forgotten in the Rush
Laica - ID Situation
Leksovka & Freund - Borrowed Mic Test
National Jazz Trio of Scotland - Rare Species
Dakota Suite - This Is My Way of Saying I Am Sorry

18 06 14

An hour of music beyond the norm.

Copeland - Advice To Young Girls
Luke Abbott - Free Migration
Some Truths - Section 12(2)
John Chantler - November Pt 1
P Jorgensen - Gold Beach (Outtake)
Mark Harris - In Spite of Everything, The Night That Made the Darkness
Sly & The Family Drone - Grey Meat
Land Observations - Flatlands and the Flemish Roads

04 06 14

An hour of underground music and arts from Cambridge and beyond.

Papa M - Roadruner
Golden Teacher - After Party People
Donato Dozzy - K2
Donna Regina - Carlos
Dusted Lux - Adrift
Stephan Vitello & Taylor Deupree - From the Main Studio
Moskus - Tandem Med Sankkt Peter
1982 - 5.00
Sten Urheim - Watch The Viewer
People - A Song with Melody And Harmony And Words And Rhythm

21 05 14

An hour of underground music.

Richard Hewson - Deserted Starship
Brian Hodgson - Cathedral of Space
Olan Mill / Keung Mandlebrot - Linear Elasticity
Mike Weis - Out of the Flowers
Dalhous - Sensitised to this Area
André Foisy (with Persistence in Mourning) - Interlude V
The Lowland Hundred - Part 2
Isnaj Dui - Rolling Globe II
Padang Food Tigers - Side B
Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper - Song for Charlie
Mike Cooper - Hope You Soon

07 05 14

After a month off, The Visitor returns with another hour of underground music.

WIFE - Tongue
Gavin Miller - 2181 KHz
Erik K Skodvin - Red Box Curves
Cinchel - Porch Swings
Jenks Miller - Have Mercy
Shivers - Otomo
Malayeen - Nadia
Black Light Brigade - Sick Man / Angry Man
Martin Green - Maklin’s Bridal March / Griesly Bride
Pictish Trail - Wait Until

09 04 14

Joined in the studio by Seb Reynolds and Huck, talking and performing songs from their Folk Operetta: Alexander The Great.

Sculpture - Hackle Scam Populator

Huck - Alex
Huck - The Ancient Greeks

Talk West - Set Adrift

Huck - A Sufi from Dixie

Maxwell August Croy & Sean McCann - Column of Mirror

Huck - Xander

Gatherer - Extension
Millie & Andrea - Stay Ugly